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ONLINE Vegan Cheese (6 Week Course)

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The ONLINE Vegan Cheese Course (6 weeks) is an ONLINE training journey through the world of making some of the world's most popular cheeses vegan and using some of them to make some of the most popular cheese dishes of the world. The workshop is offered over 6 weeks, that provides intensive focus on the processes of making plant based non-dairy cheese. Special techniques include: quick setting, rapid fermenting, making meltable cheeses, aging and rind finishing techniques, aromatic and flavoring layering and creating a variety of cheese textures. Course includes not only making popular cheeses but also how to use those cheese in popular cheese based dishes. 

Vegan Gastronomy Culinary Academy uses various specialty products during the course. These products are not required but enhance the vegan cheese making experience.  We provide two options for you when purchasing specialty ingredients:

How ONLINE Course Works?
You will be provided a course console using a GOOGLE Proprietary system that you use to navigate recipes and training videos conducted at our training centers around the world.  There is not a video for every recipe but there are videos for key recipes. The videos are a combination of both LIVE (you can watch later) and Recorded (from previous courses) videos provided to you in a secure and proprietary Facebook Group with fellow online students from around the world.  You will post pictures or videos of the dishes you have done and share with us likes and dislikes as well as questions on how to modify the recipe to meet your unique needs.


Here is an example of some types of cheeses made. The list may change based on seasonal availability of ingredients or on experience of students enrolled: 

  • American & English Cheddar
  • French Brie
  • Dutch Edam
  • Bleu & Roquefort Cheese
  • Swiss Emmental
  • Spanish Mahon or Manchego
  • Greek Feta
  • Danish Dill Havarti
  • Italian Parmesan Cheese
  • Cream Cheese


  • Melted Cheeses for Pizza and Nachos
  • Pastries style cheese dishes like French Souffle
  • Sliceable cheese for burgers and sandwiches
  • Cheese Fondue 
  • And many more 


  • Fermenting and culturing
  • Using Potato Protein Isolate
  • Using Plant Based Aromas
  • Creating aged finishes for vegan cheeses
  • Cheese Plate Assembly

Vegan Gastronomy Culinary Academy uses various specialty products that include: Potato Protein, modified plant based starches, active yeast cultures, plant based aromas, seaweed hydrocolloids, and inactive yeast extracts. These products are not required but enhance the vegan cheese making products. These products will be available for sale from the academy or sources of where they can be purchased will be made available. 

You can start your course on the dates you select from above.  As an online student you set your own schedule and can logon to your course console and assignment document any time you want. You are provided 6 weeks from the start date of the course to watch all the training videos within the Facebook Course Group. After the 6 weeks you will no longer be able to watch videos, but the recipes and other course material will be available to you forever by our secure Google Documents system.

For additional information please see the Frequently Asked Question section of our website. See here:



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